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You've probably seen some truly amazingly realistic n scale layouts at model train shows, and wondered how you could ever pick up the same skills within the space and your budget… no matter how restricted your space or your budget might be?

Just imagine having "Getting Started In N Scale Model Railroading" to guide you as you create an extraordinary layout that other hobbyists only dream about. You can quickly learn the skills and clever methods used by “the experts” to create many of the most brilliantly effective n gauge layouts in the world.


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You can make your biggest dreams come true as you learn one step at a time how to create your own intricately detailed, wonderfully realistic and well constructed n gauge layout... just like those ones you spotted at model train shows.

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Still not convinced - read on...

Railroad modeling of any kind is largely about personal satisfaction with results. Whether the result is the paint job, the finish, the detail, the construction or all of the above, modelers strive to get the most satisfying result possible. Of course, there are always constraints. But in most cases, the modeler will find a way to work within or around the constraints.

So it is with model railroading. When you become interested in modeling N scale trains and their surroundings, the first constraint that you usually encounter is where to create your miniature world, and how to best use what space you have available.

Consider the Space Needed To Operate N Scale Trains Realistically

One cardinal rule of model railroading is that, except in rare cases, you are going to be sharing your modeling space with the rest of your family.  If you have a lot of unused space and can pretty much do whatever you want. You are a lucky individual!

Most railroad modelers are not that lucky, and will be creating their model railroad layout side by side with other family activities. Fortunately N scale trains require much less space to operate when compared to the bigger model train scales. A basement or attic is an ideal location for planning a large layout, but careful choices can make a corner of a bedroom just as interesting and entertaining, albeit on a smaller scale. 

N scale layouts will fit into that smaller space, but you might also have the potential to link modules together and form a much larger and diverse layout if and when space permits.

For a just $27 today you can get instant access and be on your way
to creating the N scale railroad of your dreams!

It might be tempting to look at, say, a 10 foot by 10 foot bedroom and believe that there is 100 square feet of layout space. Think again. You’ll need to get around that layout to work or recover train derailments on the back side. Your reach over the sides of the layout is about two feet, which means you are going to have to plan on an aisle around most of the layout for access. Aisles need to be at least two feet wide, so you’re room is really a 6x6 space in practical terms.
How you arrange that 36 square feet is where the creative part comes into planning. Beginners are likely to focus on a square in the middle or the room as the only available option, but there are track plans that use shelves created around the walls to hold track and scenery.

How you plan to operate your N scale railroad layout also enters into the planning. If you are primarily interested in running N scale trains through scenery, you have many options. If you are mainly interested in the operation of classification yards and switching, you have a somewhat different set of options to consider. Rail yard design is driven by function and imposes some requirements on track arrangement and scenic features.

If you are going to have your N layout in a space shared by family members, you’ll want to consider aspects of noise and distraction. Is the layout near an entertainment area such as a family room or TV or games room? Will your operation disturb other family members engaged in other activities, and vice-versa? Do you have small children who might need to be discouraged (or encouraged) from interacting with your layout elements? How about pets? Cats love moving objects. Having your favorite N scale locomotive batted across the room by a curious feline might give you pause to consider how to otherwise entertain Kitty!

Preparing the space for your n scale trains is an important element. Basements and attics might need to be finished with wallboard, floor coverings and lighting to make them useable. Is the electrical service up to providing enough current for your all-electric micro-world?

Planning is about considering these and other issues before you make a financial commitment. Most successful N scale projects start with a project plan. If you want your layout to progress and grow and continue to be fun, having a project plan in mind is almost a given. The plan doesn’t have to be elaborate, and you don’t need to follow it exactly unless you are comfortable doing so.

You will however need a grasp as to the cost of your work, a rough order for completion, and an understanding of the level of effort required. There are many layout designs that have stayed in the design stage permanently simply because the amount of work to build them overwhelmed the modeler. Others remain partially complete on a permanent basis for lack of funding, or because they were overly ambitious. Having an estimate of cost and the amount of time you’ll invest in your layout will go a long way toward giving you a rewarding modeling experience.

I hope this gives you a good introduction to the world of N scale trains. The next step is to plan what you intend to create from start to finish. That’s where this N scale book download will be an excellent resource and reference. After downloading it, you can save it to your computer, print it out and keep it handy right alongside you railroad as you progress as step by step the N scale train layout of your dreams.

So don’t delay; download “Getting Started in N Scale Model Railroading” now, and you can have it ready to use within minutes.

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