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There are certainly many different types of track in terms of overall size and in how they are put together. While traditional tracks must be placed in position with fasteners or other types of connectors, the Bachmann EZ track is one that just snaps together, allowing the railroad enthusiast to quickly assemble their layout designs and get on with the enjoyment of running the trains.

EZ track has now been around for several years and has particularly been popular with beginners and newcomers to the hobby thanks to its simple, yet effective connecting system. Today, there are thousands of people spending many happy hours putting together new designs for their railroad tracks, yards and communities that use this popular snap-together design. The product is available as N scale track and HO scale. Any brand of rolling stock can operate on the track so you are not just restricted to operating Bachmann N scale trains on the rails.

What is Bachmann EZ Track?

More than just a snap-together series of railroad tracks, the EZ track system is designed to take away the headache of using screws or nails to hold together railroad tracks.

Furthermore, no special tools are needed to put the tracks together. This means that beginners can actually save time and effort when getting into the hobby by simply assembling the track as they go along.

bachmann ez track

There is little doubt that there are both advantages and disadvantages in using this type of track system. However, the question is just what does the EZ track offer in terms of advantages over its traditional counterparts?

Some Advantages of the Bachmann N scale EZ Track

There are a number of advantages with Bachmann EZ Track layouts. These advantages can be really important for beginners who are just getting into the hobby or seasoned vets who are looking to make some changes to what they are currently using.

Accuracy and Ease of Use: Arguably the biggest advantage is that this track is one of the easiest to put together quickly while still being one of the most accurate around. For the beginner, EZ track is a great way to get into the hobby because they can focus more on what they are trying to make as opposed to being hung up on the process of putting together the track itself.

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N scale layout plans on a 4ft x 8ft baseboard is popular with n scale model railroaders worldwide.

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n scale layouts book 

Download N Scale Train Layouts Book

With a few snaps, the HO or N scale size EZ track is very useful for those who have difficulty in placing track. This is especially true for older or perhaps inhibited model railroad enthusiasts who have difficulty with the more traditional types of track when placing them together. Whilst this is just one of the many n scale track stystems available, the product is worth considering if you want to keep things simple. This website is by no means recommending or endorsing Bachmann products, we are simply providing some options for the model railroader to consider. You need to make up your own mind based on your own research. Just because a track system suits one modeler, it doesn't necessarily follow that the same system will be best for everyone in the hobby.

The other thing to remember is to invest time laying the track (any track) properly. To avoid problems, especially with derailments, good track work is essential. Rushing construction can cause mistakes.

Simple Designs: Another advantage that this Bachmann track has for beginners is that they can create simple, but very attractive designs for their layout. EZ track is perfect for building ovals or single lines of track where sidings and yards are few and far between. While the track switches are somewhat more expensive than some of their traditional counterparts, this should not be an issue for those who are interested in creating simpler, elegant layouts.

Durability: Although seemingly counter-intuitive, the Bachmann EZ track actually sticks together quite well over the days, months or even years that they may be used. For many, this seemingly simply snap-together design is quite tight and will last for years without having to be re-done or replaced. It’s little wonder this track system is the choice for many people who want to set up their designs quickly and have them last for a long time.

Versatility: Thanks to the snap together design, you can now build your railroad on standard floors, tables or even carpet (not recommended due to dust problems) without having to set up additional supports. This can be of great advantage for those who enjoy making new layout designs for their railroad on a frequent basis. Plus, it can be set up virtually anywhere there is a flat, sturdy surface and enough room for the track layout itself.

Creating New Designs: Finally, one of the advantages for Bachmann N scale ez track owners who now have years of experience and have acquired other types of track is that they can create new designs more readily. Basically, if you have planned out a complex or tricky part of the layout, sometimes you just don’t know if it will work until you put it together. EZ track allows you to put together the new design fairly quickly so you can test it out. In this manner, you can save time and energy when creating more complex turns in layouts.

Of course, not everything is perfect with Bachmann EZ tracks. For example, although the design of the track itself, particularly the snap-together part is well suited in creating electrical connections, a couple of my friends reported that the running of the trains over these connections can disrupt the electrical signal from time to time. Basically, this means that the track needs to be fixed in place with additional means in order to maintain the electrical current flow to properly activate the switches.

However, this is generally a minor detail that only happens occasionally. For those who create simpler designs, such issues will generally not come up over the course of time.

Tips for the Bachmann EZ Track

Although the experienced railroad enthusiast may not see this Bachmann snap together track as being particularly advantageous, there are still some neat uses for these tracks that can benefit both you and the hobby itself.

Temporary Designs: If you have a unique design in your home, you can use Bachmann N scale EZ to duplicate it wherever you go. This is a great way to expand the enjoyment of your hobby by showing off your particular design on a smaller scale at public events that show off the advantages.

A Great Gift for Beginners: For those who still have EZ track, but perhaps do not use it as much anymore, you can give it away as a gift to those who see your track design and want to get into the hobby. This track system is perfect for beginners and offering a set of tracks can further the interest of young ones in particular. 

Overall, the advantages of Bachmann ez tracks are considerable for the enthusiast who loves to build and re-build their designs on different types of surfaces. For the beginner, this track method represents a great way to get into the hobby. Bachmann EZ track layouts are just one option. There are numerous other model railroad manufacturers also selling track including: Atlas, Kato, Hornby and several other brands. You could also consider Kato Unitrack and see how it compares. Most of these manufacturers stock a range of turnouts, straights, curved track etc. Which system you choose is entirely over to you.

Do purchase the two N scale books mentioned above if you are keen on N gauge or N scale railroading. The books get downloaded to your computer where you can save them, and/or print them out, or save then to a disk or memory stick.