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N Scale Train Accessories Suitable
For a Model Railroad Layout

Train accessories are designed to complement your train, but are not generally included with the train set or individual cars. You can purchase these accessories to adorn your trains, add additional functionality and create scenery for your model railroad. N Scale train accessories are growing in popularity as more people have begun to become interested in the small-scale train. It’s important that you select accessories with the right N scale ratio to ensure that your model environment closely mimics the real world.

 railroad signals 

Signs, Posts and Crossbucks

Signs, posts and crossbucks help add that extra layer of detail to make your model railroad stand out. Additionally, there are whistle posts, flange way signs, and other road signs that you can add to help bring an additional layer of authenticity to your project. Crossbucks come in a variety of styles to make it possible to choose the correct sign for the time period of your railroad. Do some research to make sure that the parts you’re adding are both authentic and relevant to the time period of your model train. There are also special glues you can purchase to ensure that your signs don’t fall in and collapse on your tracks.


Tracks, Roads and Guard Rails

Crossing boards help keep the track straight when going over bridges. They can also serve to realign any cars that might be coming off the tracks. Purchase some scenic ties to line the track and give it a more authentic look. Meanwhile, purchase guard rails to line the side of your tracks near pedestrian crossings, roads and stations to provide that extra element of realism. Parts can be used to create dividers in the rack, improve upon existing tracks and provide additional functionality and electronic switches to turn your train onto a different path.

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Planes and Automobiles

No railroad world would be complete without a few extra vehicles to line the streets and hangars. Locate realistic planes and cars that fit the time period of your model train to enhance the beauty and realism of your model track. You can also find boats for your rivers and add a winsock to your airport scene for additional detail. Planes and automobiles can become just as involved as the train themselves. Purchasing a wide assortment of cars can allow you to build a metropolis in the center of your model railroad. Remember to place some people in the vehicle interiors if possible. You might need to cut their legs off to make them fit snugly inside. A vehicle without a driver is a dead giveaway that the scene is not real. Railroad crossings are also a great addition to any layout.

N scale model train accessories

Towers and Fences

Radio towers, water towers and fences to keep in your barns and other buildings can provide that extra three-dimensional look that your track craves. Rope in livestock behind a barn fence, or keep intruders out of the shipyard with barriers and fences created to scale for your train. Towers and fences adorn your model railroad and provide that extra layer of detail for the countryside. Make sure to weather your fences and towers in more rural areas, or add some graffiti in the cities to create a more authentic look.

N scale steam locomotives

Landscaping and Terrain

Foliage, trees, water and bushes make up the bulk of your model railroads scenery. Ballast and coal can be used to line the tracks and make them look more realistic. Flowers can be arranged in patterns to create your own miniature botanical gardens in the middle of your world. Grass can give that extra degree of realism needed for large stretches of land and as a base for your entire set. Adding some sand, stone or a forest canopy can help create the look of varied forestry. Landscaping can take up most of your time, but when done right it truly gives you a sense of accomplishment. With so many options to choose from, you may find that you need a bigger space for your railroad.

Train Decals and Paints

Weathering is one of the most difficult tasks for a model train enthusiast. Trains in the real world don’t have a pristine look to them. To achieve a worn in look, you can purchase various acrylic pains and weather supplies. Paints designed to imitate the look of rust and burnt steel are available for you to paint your cars. You can also purchase weathering jigs to make painting wheels a less arduous task. Decals provide logos and other trim that you can add to your model train to give it a more lived in and authentic look and truly make your model railroad your own..

More N Scale Accessories and Supplies

Add some realism to your train station by stacking skids to store goods on before transfer to your flatcars and boxcars. Wire reels, docks, picnic tables and intermodal containers provide all the extra details to make your project look more realistic and representative. You can even purchase kits for lumber loads that can be placed on flatcars. Depending on the type of railroads you want to run, there are plenty of additional options for adding goods and supplies to your flatcars.

n scale layouts

Track plans for a 4ft x 8ft N scale layout.

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Download N Gauge Track Plans Book

n scale layouts book

Download N Gauge Train Layouts Book



To extend the range of your model railroad, you can purchase backgrounds to line the walls and edges of the environment. Backdrops of cities and mountains can add an extra degree of realism needed to give your model railroad a more authentic look. Choose from cities based on time period and location and then build up the rest of your track around your choices. Realistic backgrounds provide a great way to add depth and universe to your model railroad.


Bars, beams, columns, trusses, stairs, ladders and smoke fluid are all assemblies that can be added to your model train. Use these assemblies to create the look of smoke coming off stacks, or provide a lift to a second story barn house with a ladder. Small round, aluminum tubes can be stacked together at construction sites or for additional pipework on your steam locomotives. When you start to experience problems with the conductivity of your track, you can use specially designed rail cleaner to clean your tracks and bring back your trains functionality. Additionally, you can purchase small parts to add to your trains to give them additional functionality and detail.

So, as you can now see, there are numerous model train and layout accessories available for the N scale modeller. With such a vast range available, no model railroad needs to look boring or incomplete.


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